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How to start and edit a Foliotek digital portfolio at Gonzaga University

Assessment Portfolio

If you created an Assessment Portfolio in your Foliotek account, you can pull the structure and content over to a Presentation Portfolio.

Start like you are creating any new Presentation Portfolio; choose a layout, select a template, and give it a name. But, when you select a template, scroll to the bottom of the options to see the 'COPY EXISTING ASSESSMENT' option. Under that text you will see all Assessment portfolios in your account, select the one you want to copy as a Presentation portfolio.

Once you click the big check-mark, your new portfolio will have the same page structure as the Assessment portfolio with all of the content you have added. Note: this is a copy of the structure and both the Assessment and Presentation portfolios will exist in your Foliotek account. 
If you save and stop working on the Presentation portfolio here, any new content added to the Assessment portfolio will also display in the Presentation side. There is a bridge between the two structures. 

If you start editing the pages of the Presentation portfolio, you will be notified that you will break the bridge and any new content added to the Assessment portfolio will not automatically be added to the Presentation structure.

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