Create a Portfolio

How to start your first digital portfolio


Now that you have a portfolio shell, let's fill it up!


There are many tools available in the edit toolbar of Foliotek. We will introduce the most common ones here and demonstrate how to use them. 

 The first half of the toolbar has familiar text editing capabilities. You can type directly on the portfolio page and use these tools to edit the text - just click on the page and start typing.  

Tip: the 'Remove formatting' icon will remove all formatting - if you have text that is not responding the way you expect, highlight the text and click this icon to remove all formatting and start over. Sometimes extra formatting is hidden and can cause issues when you copy and paste text from another document or web page.

The second half of the toolbar has tabs to access large areas of customizing capabilities, including:
  • GIZMOS - add content from your files storage or other web sites
  • FILES - your file storage
  • PAGES - add, delete, rename, etc.
  • DESIGN - the look & feel of the portfolio


Select the 'preview' drop down in the top toolbar to preview how the portfolio looks to a reviewer. There are two choices in the drop down: View Draft and View Shared. View Draft allows you to preview all of the pages you are working on in the portfolio, including those that have not been shared with anyone and are still in draft mode. View Shared allows you to see only the part of the portfolio that has been shared - this is what a reviewer can currently view.

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