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How to start and edit a Foliotek digital portfolio at Gonzaga University

GIZMOS for Images, Videos, and Embed

The Gizmo tab lets you add content to the portfolio from your Files repository and from websites. Here are the basic steps to embed any of the Gizmo tools:
  1. Use the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to make a little bit of space on the page to insert the item
  2. Click on one of the Gizmo tools to select it 
  3. Click in the page where you would like to add the item
  4. Make adjustments to the item with the Gizmo control box that will show next to the item any time you select it
Note: if you have online content that you would like to include in your portfolio, but do not see it as an option in the menu, you can still embed the item using the 'EMBED' tool in the menu. Just copy the embed (share) code from the site, select the Embed Gizmo tool, and paste the code in the pop-up box.


Please review the Foley Library advice on giving credit to image creator and following copyright rules. This site also includes links to find images that are licensed to use. 
There are several options for adding images to a portfolio page, including a single image, a slideshow that can be configured to rotate through the images automatically, grids of images and more.


Is this an image of an aardvark or an anteater?

Note: you can copy an image online and paste it into a portfolio page, but you will not have full control over editing and formatting the image. It is best to save the image to your computer and then add it to the page with a Gizmo tool.


You can embed videos from the most common video hosting websites (recommended) or from your files repository. This allows the portfolio reviewer to watch the video in the portfolio page without having to click a link and open a new web page.

  1. Select the VIDEO option in the Gizmos tab 
  2. Enter the video URL that is available in YouTube under the Share option
  3. Use the Video Control box to adjust the settings of the video


The Embed Gizmo allows you to paste an embed code from online content to display it on the portfolio page. Here is a sample embed code:
<iframe src="your-survey-URL-here" height="800px" width="600px"></iframe>
 You can enter a Qualtrics survey URL into the code to have the survey display in the portfolio. You can do this for Google Maps, Blogs, and many online items.


The Feedback Gizmo creates a form on the page for reviewers to contact you directly from within the portfolio. The form below is the default Feedback Gizmo.  

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