Foliotek Support

How to start and edit a Foliotek digital portfolio at Gonzaga University


 Selecting the Files tab will open the files repository - this includes all items that have been uploaded to any of your portfolios. As the repository grows, you may want to filter the contents by format or use the search box to locate a specific file.

Select the 'Add Files' button to upload new items to the repository from your computer or a link to a website.

To add a file to the portfolio page, follow these few steps:
  1. Use the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to create a space for the file on the portfolio page
  2.  Click on the FILES tab
  3. Select the file you want to insert - when you hover over a title you will see the options to view, edit (this means edit the title), or remove the file
  4. Click within the portfolio page where you would like the item added, then select if you would like to create a link to the item or use the inline option to embed the file in the page. (note: the inline option is only available for files under 10mb)
    • If the file is a document, the inline option allows a reviewer to review the file online. Example 
    • If the file is an image or video, the inline option will embed the image in the page. The display options can be edited with the Gizmo control.
    • If it is an audio file, the inline option displays a control box for the reviewer to play and listen.
    • If it is a PowerPoint file, the inline option will display the presentation on the screen for the reviewer to flip through the slides

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