Foliotek Support

How to start and edit a Foliotek digital portfolio at Gonzaga University

Create a Portfolio

Time to create a portfolio!
Open the ePortfolios page and click on the (+) icon at the top of the screen to add a new portfolio.

There are three main steps to start a portfolio and get the structure in place so you can add content later:
  1. Select a layout for your portfolio - this is the basic look and feel of the pages. Scroll through the thumbnails of portfolio images at the top of the screen and select one. Note: you will be able to edit or change every aspect of the layout after you start your portfolio. At this point, you can select something you like, but you are not stuck with it.
  2. Select a Content Template from the drop down options. If this portfolio was assigned for a class, there may be a specific template in the list that your instructor created. If you have not been assigned a template, select any of the default templates available in the list including 'Blank ePortfolio' which allows you to build the structure from scratch.

  3.  Enter a title next to 'Name:' for your portfolio and then click on the check mark in a circle that now appears on the screen. The name will show in the header of the portfolio. 

You have started a digital portfolio! 
Foliotek will now guide you through a quick tutorial and give you tips to navigate the program. This tutorial only shows up when you start your first portfolio. If you ever want to view it again you can access it by clicking on the Help icon in the top bar of the screen. 

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