Foliotek Support

How to start and edit a Foliotek digital portfolio at Gonzaga University

Account Access

First you need a Foliotek account (they are not automatically given to all students)
Note: your Foliotek account does not use your Gonzaga username and password.  
Students, you can contact the ATAS office at to request a personal Foliotek account that will allow you to create your own digital portfolios. If you are assigned a portfolio for a course or program, the instructor will request the accounts. If you have questions about your account, please indicate the specific course or assignment in your message so you will be given access to needed components of the program.
Professors, please contact the ATAS office to request an account:
There are two separate ways to access your account:
Blackboard - if there is a Foliotek link in one of your Blackboard courses, it will automatically log you into your Foliotek account. Remember, you only have one Foliotek account, so it does not matter which course has the link, you will land in the same place.
Website - The second option is to log in to the Foliotek website following these steps (Foliotek does not currently use your Gonzaga credentials to log in):
  1. Go to in your web browser to log in
  2. Click on the 'Forgot your username or password?' link
  3. Enter your Zagmail email account address in the email box and click the Email Password button
  4. The email in your Zagmail inbox will have your username and a link to create a password
  5. Now you can log back in to with that username & password any time


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