Foliotek Support

How to start and edit a Foliotek digital portfolio at Gonzaga University


Video Gizmo

Use the Video Gizmo in Foliotek to add videos hosted online:
1. Select the video icon in the GIZMOS tab
2. Select the 'Add a web video' option
3. Enter the URL for the video and click the checkmark

Embed Gizmo

Use the Embed Gizmo for a little more control over the final presentation:
1. Select the EMBED icon in the GIZMOS tab
2. Copy the embed code from the hosting website, you'll find the information under the share tab
3. Paste the code in the embed box and click the checkmark

Video Storage at Gonzaga

You can upload videos to My Media (, a video storage available for all students and employees at Gonzaga. Instead of using a public video storage program like YouTube, you can keep your content private on My Media and share with people as you like. Here are the steps to get the embed code to use the Embed Gizmo outlined above:
  1. Login to My Media with your Gonzaga username and password 
  2. Click the '+ Add New' link in the page header and select to upload or record new media
  3. Once the video is uploaded, click on the video to open it
  4. Scroll down to see details and options for the videos - select the Share tab
  5. Then select the Embed tab from the options
  6. Copy the text in the large text box and use it with the Embed Gizmo in Foliotek (see above)
  7. Tip: look under the embed code to copy and you will see a few options for the video display, including size

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