Create a Portfolio

How to start your first digital portfolio

Log In to your Foliotek account

Whether you login with your account information through, or from Blackboard, we do not recommend using Internet Explorer or Edge as the web browser.

Assessment vs. Presentation

It is important to know that Foliotek has two very different sides.
The Assessment side is very structured and defined by professors or group leaders. It is more like a filing cabinet with specific expectations outlined. Students assigned with an Assessment portfolio will receive tailored instructions.
The Presentation side is where all users can create digital portfolios, also known as websites, and share them as they like. These portfolios may be assignments, presentations, or personal portfolios for job applications - it is a tool for student use.
You can toggle between the two worlds with the tab in the top-right corner of the screen.

Personal Touch

The first time you log in to your account on the Presentation side, the program will allow you to personalize your Foliotek experience. You can select a background image from the supplied stock art images and enter an image to represent you in the program.  Or, you can click on the check mark in the circle at the bottom of the page and let Foliotek select images for you.

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