Foliotek Support

How to start and edit a Foliotek digital portfolio at Gonzaga University

What's included in this site?

Use the tabs in the menu to the left or the links in the table of contents below to explore this Foliotek support site.

Table of Contents:

About Foliotek
Account Access - personal use or assigned for a class
 Edit - tools to add content and preview your work
GIZMOS tab - the graphic and online bits that makes the page interesting
Audio - add audio files to a page
Video - embed videos in a page
Documents - ways to add a document to a page
PAGES tab - define pages/tabs for the portfolio
DESIGN tab - how do things look?
Share - no one can see your portfolio until you share it
Projects - small portfolios that can be embedded in a full-size portfolio
Identity Page - digital business card
Instructions - printable instructions
Help - contact support

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